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Across the globe, people are staying at home to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Over this time we want to connect with you to let you know that for us at Duke Corporate Education, lock down does not mean shut down. We would like to take this opportunity to reflect, learn and become better leaders, in our personal and professional lives.

Every day in April, we shared one article, on-demand webinar or piece of inspiring learning content. Though the email series has ended, you can still leverage these free learning resources or share with your colleagues.


 Day 1

How to build a learning culture

How to build a learning culture

A true learning culture involves the willingness to continuously unlearn and relearn. Here are four things you can do now to build a learning culture at your organization.

Day 2

Future of work

Webinar: The future of learning: Learn to work

We must move from learning in order to work to working in order to learn and prepare ourselves for the unknowns of continuous change. 

Day 3

Rethinking how we measure potential

Rethinking how we measure potential

The world of work is changing rapidly, and so are our jobs. It is, therefore, time for us to rethink the notion of potential and how we measure it.

Day 4

Benefits of distraction

The unlikely benefits of distraction

Leaders are expected to be laser-focused at all times, but sometimes being distracted can be the best way to cultivate new ideas. Dr. Srini Pillay shares eight ways to make the most of distraction.


 Day 5


Become a better collaborator – and regain your time

Collaboration makes teams more effective and innovative, but it can feel like a time-suck. Rob Cross shares three practices to become a better collaborator while also reclaiming up to 20% of your time. 

 Day 6

Rob Cross

Webinar: How successful leaders manage collaborative overload

Most leaders spend 85% or more of their time each week on email, phone or in meetings. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of collaborative overload and gain back your time. 

 Day 7


Disequilibrium is the new norm

It’s no longer enough to learn how to overcome one-time adversity. Today’s leaders must understand how to lean into disorder all the time.

 Day 8


5 strategies to propel disruption

Author of The Innovator's DNA, Jeff Dyer offers five innovative strategies that startups and incumbents alike can use to radically transform their businesses and industries.

 Day 9


Think competitive arenas, not industries

Today’s reality is that your most significant competition might well come from another industry invading yours. We need to think of strategy and competition in terms of competitive arenas, not industries, says Rita McGrath.

 Day 10

Rita McGrath

Webinar: Seeing around corners: Spotting inflection points in business before they happen

In this on-demand webinar, Rita McGrath shares key ideas from her book Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen, including how leaders can see the early signals of change and prepare their organizations to act quickly.

 Day 11


5 best practices for spotting new opportunities

After hosting leading business strategist Rita McGrath for a Leadership Series webinar, Duke CE Global Managing Director of Innovation and New Commercial Models Mike Canning reflects on five ways leaders can see around corners. 

Day 12


Dynamic markets call for dynamic metrics

In today's fast-moving marketplace, strategy and advantage are transient. This demands a new set of metrics for measuring success today — and the ability to succeed tomorrow. 

Day 13

Stress response

3 tools for peak performance at work

In the face of unprecedented complexity, we need calm yet energetic leaders. Bill Duane  shares techniques for managing your stress response at work to achieve peak performance.
Day 14


Webinar: Get ready to launch your next innovation

In crisis, there is opportunity. Now is the time to innovate. In this webinar with Sanyin Siang, you'll learn how to tackle a launch – whether it is for a new idea, project, business or career.

Day 15

Dr. Srini Pillay

Webinar registration: Managing through a pandemic with Dr. Srini Pillay

In this upcoming webinar, Dr. Srini Pillay will discuss how we can use insights from brain science to determine how to lead and learn better during the global pandemic.

Day 16

Innovation and trust

Innovation can't happen unless you trust your team

If you want to foster innovation, you must first trust employees and give them the freedom they need to create, says Sanyin Siang.

 Day 17


How to keep purpose alive at all levels of the organization

In today's volatile, uncertain environment, purpose provides a stable point of reference for organizations. As the world shifts around us, knowing what we stand for is priceless. With purpose providing inspiration and guardrails, we can build businesses that are agile and operate at speed.  

Day 18


Webinar: Futureproofing organizations for digital disruption

Today we are experiencing unprecedented disruption to global markets, accelerated by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In this environment, we must be equipped to redesign our business models and re-imagine our organization's contribution to society.
Day 19

Untitled design - 2020-04-17T144839.085

The second wave of digital transformation

The reality is that digital transformation is not about technology. It is the fundamental reshaping of your business, driven by powerful technologies – and it is relevant for every company, in every sector, everywhere in the world, perhaps more so today than ever before.

Day 20

Untitled design - 2020-04-17T144942.980

Performance dashboards must measure for agility

In a disrupted world, agile leaders are the greatest levers for the success of an organization. And yet long-standing ways of measuring performance don't measure for this key capability. Leaders must adjust the key performance indicators they are tracking to include metrics for agility. 

Day 21


Webinar: The Agile Dashboard with Joe Perfetti

 Today, in the age of disruption, do we need different, more forward-looking metrics to indicate if our business is agile enough to win the marketplace tomorrow? In this webinar, Joe Perfetti shares the performance metrics needed for the future.

Day 22


A closer look at the agile dashboard

Take a closer look at The Agile Dashboard, specifically two important metrics: Interaction and Pivot, and the four questions The Agile Dashboard helps to address. 


Day 23

Why Decency in Leadership is a Competitive Advantage

Why decency in leadership is a competitive advantage

Leaders who can successfully navigate complex challenges tend to have "triple threat" leadership capability - a combination of intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ) and most importantly a decency quotient (DQ).

Day 24

Barriers to innovation

People — not technology — drive innovation

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, companies everywhere are having to innovate to continue to satisfy customers. But innovation is not just about leveraging new technologies. It's about motivating and empowering your people to think differently. 


Day 25


Diversity alone is insufficient

Diversity is a prerequisite for inclusion, yet it does not guarantee it. Business leaders need to work at inclusion, by driving change and making proactive steps to bring people in. 

Day 26

Design Thinking and Nedbank

Design thinking: The secret to Nedbank's success

South African financial services company Nedbank was seeking a better way to discover and address real customer pain points. The company used design thinking to better understand its customers and come up with new, creative solutions.

Day 27

Design organization for digital disruption

Webinar: Designing organizations for digital disruption

Build organizational and team change by learning how digital user behavior to design creative and agile teams can enable organizations.

Day 28


The inclusion imperative

New York Times bestselling author Ori Brafman shares a four-step process for ensuring that leaders at every level maintain a pulse on the implementation and utilization of inclusion practices. 

Day 29

Online learning

How executive education must evolve for the digital era

In this article, Duke CE President of Global Markets Sharmla Chetty and Regional Managing Director for Europe Beth Ahlering explore how executive education must evolve to meet the needs of learners today and in the future. 

Day 30


Living Leadership Podcast - Episode 1: The Future is Now: Ambidextrous Leadership in the Age of COVID 

Our new podcast features global thought leaders on a variety of business topics exploring how we can become better leaders to shape a brighter future for our organizations. Our first episode The Future is Now: Ambidextrous Leadership in the Age of COVID explores what it means to be an ambidextrous leader in a crisis.

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