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Leading in Crisis: Building Resilience in Challenging Times

Leaders today find themselves in uncharted territory, never before seen in their lifetimes. The difficulty of leading in disorder comes not just from the nature of the crisis at hand, but also from the challenge of working with organizational models that were built for scale, efficiency and stability. Worse, our brain wiring constrains us from the creativity we need to improvise in a totally new set of circumstances.

In this webinar, Duke Corporate Education’s CEO Michael Chavez draws from his own research on Rehumanizing Leadership, as well as insights derived from working with global clients to build greater learning agility, to put forward a model for leading others with clarity through the murky waters of uncertainty and volatility. He discusses how, in times of upheaval, a human approach based upon understanding reality, anchoring in meaning and empowering improvisation is more important than ever. 

Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez High Res for GoToWebinarMichael Chavez is the CEO of Duke Corporate Education. He has over 25 years of experience in executive management, marketing, customer analytics and organizational learning.

He teaches on leadership and culture, and his research and writings focus on ‘rehumanizing’ leadership. He is an an educator in Duke CE's online course Building Strategic Agility, designed to help leaders be more agile and equip them with new skills, tools and instincts to navigate today’s environment and build more strategic agility into their organizations. Michael is the co-author with Sudhanshu Palsule of Rehumanizing Leadership, your guide to building engaged, resilient and innovative organizations in the 21st century. 

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