A New Mindset for an ESG World: Equipping HR Executives to Lead their Organizations in this new Business Era

HR Leaders are uniquely positioned to lead the ESG transformation at their companies. This program is designed to enhance the ability of HR Executives to strengthen the ESG performance of their organizations, by aligning HR Practices with ESG goals.

ESG Leadership Certificate for HR Executives


  • Gain knowledge on key ESG issues impacting businesses globally and locally to enhance confidence as an HR leader.
  • Acquire skills to integrate ESG considerations into company strategy and HR decision-making, while enhancing stakeholder management and communication plans.
  • Leverage ESG practices to strengthen the employer value proposition, incorporate ESG KPIs into performance evaluations, navigate ESG reporting, and drive organizational change towards sustainability.

Program Structure

3-Jul-17-2023-06-04-42-4840-PMDedicated e-learning platform

ESG fundamentals and curated content for asynchronous learning and optional deep-dives. 

2-Jul-17-2023-06-05-03-8433-PMLive sessions

  • 7 in-person or virtual sessions
  • Cover the most crucial ESG topics and its implications for HR
  • Combine the expertise of world class educators and experienced practitioners

1-Jul-17-2023-06-04-16-2438-PMCase studies

Practical case studies will be discussed on each session, with senior executives sharing their experiences.

Who should attend

This program explores the critical role that HR Executives play in driving ESG initiatives and integrating these principles into HR practices and policies. 


  • HR executives
  • Human Capital managers
  • Talent acquisition managers
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Other professionals responsible for driving ESG initiatives in the organization with an HR lens



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