In these unprecedented times, you our community of associates, business partners, alumni, educators and leaders have been foremost in our minds as we’ve heard about how you have been grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on your lives and your business, and your concerns about what’s next.

I wanted to provide you with an update on Duke Corporate Education’s response to this crisis and also share resources we are making available to you. We are working around the clock to support our clients and business partners worldwide to continue to do what matters more than ever: enabling leaders to cope with never-before-experienced levels of change and uncertainty. 


Dialogue TV: Leading in a Disrupted World

Dialogue TVLeading in a Disrupted World is a special one-time talk show series for leaders on how to navigate challenges when the entire context in which we operate has changed due to a global pandemic. Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) subject matter experts who have authored articles for the quarterly journal Dialogue will bring their latest thinking on how to innovate and navigate in unprecedented times.

Hosted by Dialogue editor-at-large Ben Walker, each show will run for 30 minutes and feature interviews with experts from Duke CE and other leading industry practitioners. There will be 20 minutes of discussion followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.


Living Leadership Podcast

Living Leadership PodcastAt Duke Corporate Education, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Living Leadership podcast. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are all facing unprecedented levels of disruption, uncertainty and volatility in our personal and professional lives. During this time, leadership is more important than ever.

In each episode, Living Leadership host Niki Mullin will interview thought leaders on specific business topics and ways in which we can all become better leaders to shape a positive future for our organizations.



Join us for complimentary webinar sessions, which are designed to provide our clients, program alumni and stakeholders with the opportunity to step up their leadership capability at this critical moment. 

Managing through a pandemic: 
Leading & Learning with the Brain in Mind

On-demand webinar featuring psychiatrist and brain researcher Dr. Srini Pillay

Dr. Srini PillayThe most recent pandemic has materially changed the way we think, feel and live. Many leaders are in “survival” mode, preoccupied with defending their companies and employees from disruption and potentially damaging financial consequences. In this new psychological, social and financial environment, how can leaders distinguish themselves and inspire their teams to succeed and thrive?



On-demand webinar featuring Duke Corporate Education CEO Michael Chavez

Leading in Crisis_ Building Resilience in Challenging Times with Michael Chavez Webinar

Leaders today find themselves in uncharted territory, never before seen in their lifetimes. The difficulty of leading in disorder comes not just from the nature of the crisis at hand, but also from the challenge of working with organizational models that were built for scale, efficiency and stability. Worse, our brain wiring constrains us from the creativity we need to improvise in a totally new set of circumstances.

Duke CE’s CEO Michael Chavez draws from his own research on Rehumanizing Leadership, as well as insights derived from working with global clients to build greater learning agility, to put forward a model for leading others with clarity through the murky waters of uncertainty and volatility. 




#LockdownLeadersAcross the globe, people are staying at home to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Over this time we want to connect with you to let you know that for us at Duke Corporate Education, lock down does not mean shut down. We would like to take this opportunity to reflect, learn and become better leaders, in our personal and professional lives.

Every day in April, we shared one article, on-demand webinar or piece of inspiring learning content. Though the email series has ended, you can still leverage these free learning resources or share with your colleagues.


Featured Articles: Leading in Crisis

Explore the best ways to engage and adapt in these curated articles, or view more insights.

Fauci and Coack KCoach K Interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID

In the podcast Basketball & Beyond, Duke University’s Coach Mike Krzyzewski interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling him "America’s point guard" in the coronavirus fight. Learn what you can do in your community and how to help healthcare providers.

Economic outlook could become clearer in weeks

Economic Outlook Could Become Clearer in Weeks

“The response to every pandemic is fundamentally similar. This is just much more severe and intense than most.” View the video conference at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Dan Ariely

Using Social Science to Aid in the Fight Against COVID-19

While medical scientists and clinicians work to combat the pandemic and save lives in labs and hospitals around the world, Duke professor Dan Ariely shared an analysis of the pandemic from a social science perspective.

Disequilibrium is the new normal

Disequilibrium is the New Norm

It’s no longer enough to learn how to overcome one-time adversity. Today’s leaders must understand how to lean into disorder all the time.

3 Tools for Peak Performance at Work3 Tools for Peak Performance at Work

Finding your performance ‘sweet spot’ is difficult, but neuroscience and complexity theory can help, explains Bill Duane.

How executive education must evolve in the digital era

How Executive Education Must Evolve for the Digital Era

Innovation in leadership development is imperative to meet today’s fast-changing business demands.

Featured Ready-to-Learn Courses

With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt the workplace and more leaders and managers working from home, it's an ideal time to sharpen your leadership skills. Start learning online with these problem-centered courses.

Building Strategic AgilityBuilding Strategic Agility

Speed, complexity and digitization are creating greater uncertainty, competition and risk, but are also creating greater opportunities for agile organizations prepared to proactively shape the market.


Building Financial AcumenBuilding Financial Acumen

Raise your game. Expand your financial knowledge so you can ask better questions, spot problems, make better decisions and increase your impact and influence in the organization.


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