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The circumstances of this past week are unprecedented. You, our community of associates, business partners, alumni, educators and leaders, have been foremost in our minds as we’ve heard about how you have been grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on your lives and your business, and your concerns about what’s next.

I wanted to provide you with an update on Duke Corporate Education’s response to this crisis and also share resources we are making available to you. We are working around the clock to support our clients and business partners worldwide to continue to do what matters more than ever: enabling leaders to cope with never-before-experienced levels of change and uncertainty. At the same time, we are doing whatever we can to care for the health and well-being of our employees and educators.

In each of our regions around the world, we have developed a localized crisis-response plan to limit virus exposure. In line with client needs, we are rescheduling deliveries, reimagining our designs and reinventing our business model. Much of this work has involved transforming customized face-to-face programs into deliveries that include virtual experiences and new approaches to multi-modal learning. While online and blended learning is not new to us, this global health crisis has increased the urgency to both Duke CE and our clients to co-create new designs and experiential methods capable of delivering even greater impact in new ways.

Right now, despite the push toward social distancing and virtual meetings, there has never been a greater need to rehumanize our approach to learning, development and organizational change. Empathizing, listening and collaborating across boundaries has become mission-critical because our organizations need more insight, creativity and adaptation than ever.

At Duke CE, we believe in the power of leadership and are committed to helping leaders become a force multiplier for positive change in organizations and the world. We are also proud to be a part of the larger community of Duke University and its mission of “knowledge in service to society.” This shared purpose guides us and motivates us to do more.

We know many of you are working remotely in the coming weeks. You will be receiving invitations to join complimentary webinar sessions, which are designed to provide our clients, program alumni and stakeholders with the opportunity to step up their leadership capability at this critical moment. 

Duke CE will also be offering more frequent, ongoing, curated content from our educators and associates and from our thought-leadership publication, Dialogue, to help you navigate the new context we are all facing.

We all need more leadership to rise to the toughest challenges for what’s now and what’s next. We look forward to increasing our connection with you and wish you all the best—in particular, health, safety and clarity—in the days and weeks ahead.

As always, please let me or any of my colleagues know if you have any questions or input. We’re here for all leaders, and that means we’re here for you.


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Michael Chavez

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